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Tulku at 19 April, 7:00 pm
Directed by Gesar Mukpo, 76 min. / Canada / English, Documentary / 2010, Asia Premiere

At age three, Gesar Tsewang Arthur Mukpo, son of renowned Tibetan Buddhist teacher
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and his British wife Diana, was identified as the reincarnation
of the late Jamgon Kongtrul of Sechen, one of his father’s own teachers in Tibet. Living in
Boulder, Colorado and then Halifax, Nova Scotia, Gesar balanced competing cultures and
strikingly different definitions of self. His life was far from that of an ordinary
contemporary American or Canadian — his father was a world famous Buddhist teacher
and author — but there was no monastery upbringing like that of perhaps the best known
tulku, the Dalai Lama, or even like his father. The film goes beyond autobiography
toexplore the Tibetan tradition of recognition of reincarnations of Buddhist teachers.
Other non-Tibetan tulkus are interviewed as well as renowned Tibetan teachers including
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche and HH Ogyen Trinley, the 17th Karmapa.

Words of My Perfect Teacher at 6 May, 3:00 pm
Directed by Lesley Ann Patten, 101 min. / Canada, Documentary / 2003, Hong Kong

A profile (of sorts) of  Tibetan teacher and filmmaker Dzongar Jamyang Khyentse Norbu
Rinpoche, director of The Cup and Travellers & Magicians. From the World Cup in
Germany to the remote Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, three students are on a quest they
hope will lead to wisdom. The catch is… the teacher. Soccer obsessed, charismatic
filmmaker, and citizen of the world, Khyentse Norbu may be one of the most eminent
Tibetan Buddhist teachers, but it's a job description he slyly seems to reject at every turn.
Featuring appearances by Bernardo Bertolucci, Gesar Mukpo and Steven Seagal; filmed
on location in the UK, Bhutan, Canada, the U.S., and Germany. Music by Sting, Tara Slone
and Joydrop, Steve Tibbetts, u:man:tek, Kunga 19 and others.

Crazy Wisdom at 9 May, 7:00 pm
Directed by Johanna Demetrakas, 92 min. / USA / English, Documentary / 2011, Asia

This is the long-awaited feature documentary that explores the life, teachings, and "crazy
wisdom" of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, a pivotal figure in bringing Tibetan Buddhism to
the West. Raised and trained in the rigorous Tibetan monastic tradition, Trungpa shattered
preconceived notions about how an enlightened teacher should behave — he openly
smoked, drank, and had intimate relations with students — yet his teachings are recognised
as authentic, vast, and influential.  Trungpa taught Buddhism as though it were a matter of
life and death. Allen Ginsberg considered him his guru; Thomas Merton wanted to write a
book with him; Joni Mitchell wrote a song about him. Filmed in the UK, Tibet, Canada, and
the U.S., 20 years after Trungpa's death, with unprecedented access and exclusive archival

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