1810 The Compleat Angler
Specialised in book restoration
Red rot development on
front of book box.
Text block is tight and firm.
Red rot development on
spine of book box.
Red rot caused the dis-joint
of the book box.
Consolidation in process.
A closer look at the red rot
on box spine.
Book box after
A hole in the water moire
silk flyleaf.  The beautiful
water coloured paste down
on back board was intact.
A closer look of the hole
caused by an adhesive
Water moire silk after
repaired with Japanese
restoration paper.
Spine, front and back of the binding were
beautifully gilded.
Water morie silk fly leaf
and the beautiful water
coloured paste down on
front board were intact.
Mr. Tung Chiao, publisher of Apple Daily
introduced the binding and its condition in an
article published on 26/05/2013 in Apple Daily.
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